Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Fell In Love Again

…And it was totally unexpected!

Almost at the onset of meeting my husband in college he has requested, begged, and pleaded for us to get a dog. From dating to engagement and then marriage, he listed the three things that would make his life “complete” – a basement man cave (check), a flat screen TV (check) and a dog (uncheck).

Whether he was desperate to fill a void or have a playmate, I would not relent in my decision that we would be a dog-free household.

In trying to convince me otherwise, he went so far as adopting a mutt from the pound without my consent. Both college students at the time making $6 per hour and unable to afford more than a night out to McDonalds, I was furious and quickly found an adoptive home for the long-eared-unattractive mutt. We were both left heart broken for different reasons.

But call me a hero.

During the three days of owning the mutt, he coughed a constant nasty noise that always left me thinking he was having an asthma attack or chocking on something from our non dog-friendly college apartment. Luckily the new adoptive couple had a veterinary in the family who saw the mutt right away. Severe kennel cough and a multitude of other health problems left the mutt on antibiotics and other costly medicines we could have never afforded at the time.

Time heals all wounds but a man on a mission always remains focused.

As the years passed this story became one that garnered laughter and pity. Sometimes I was viewed as the hero, other times as the villain. But I always knew we did right for that mutt and I always knew that one day the topic of us owning a dog would be revisited.

Married and then a home owner, the request for a dog began again. As in the past, I reiterated all the reasons why I did not want a dog: they require time, they cost money, our lifestyle will have to change, we can’t come and go as we please, and most importantly it will poop and pee on our beautiful wood floors! Oh, our wood floors and how I adore them! Absolutely not!!

And then there was Sully.

My husband didn’t keep it a secret that he wanted a dog. His family knew. His friends knew. Our neighbors knew. So seven weeks ago when our neighbor (who volunteers for a rescue organization) received a call that a French bulldog/Boston Terrier mix needed a home, she thought of us first. My husband was at work. I drove home to meet the puppy knowing in my heart, that this was it. I was moments away from throwing all my arguments and logical reasoning out the window. Welcome poop and pee, meet my wood floors.

You can only imagine the joy, the pure ecstasy my husband felt when he walked through the front door and into a hall way that had a black-and-white-spotted dog with folded, floppy ears. I officially became the best wife ever. And I officially became a dog lover.

I said “yes” to Sully seconds after holding him. He was just days shy of his three month birthday. And now eight pounds heavier, seven weeks later and $400+ dollars poorer I wake each morning excited to see his wrinkly face (which says a lot because I hate mornings). I adore my puppy and his stinky farts, his bad breath, and most kind kisses on my face. I love his hyper play and gentle snuggles. He has been a test of our patience and the source of our laughter.

The biggest lesson learned from saying “yes” to our newest family addition is that sometimes at the right time and at the right place in life, logic need not apply.

A Snuggie for Dogs?

When I first moved to the DC area I remember someone telling me if I were to ever meet someone and had nothing to talk about, discuss traffic. Everyone here shares the same opinion – it sucks, it is awful, and something needs to be done to alleviate the problem. The topic of traffic rarely results in a heated debate, it steers clears of religious beliefs, and for the most part dodges political points of view – Democrat or Republican, no one is in denial of the traffic torment we partake in seven days a week.

Being a new dog owner I now have learned that discussing pets ranks number two on the list of what-the-heck-can-I-talk-about-that-isn’t-uncomfortable. Most dog owners are dog lovers and sharing in your story of how you found your pet, what his or her name is, their breed and age along with swapping potty training tips bands together a whole new group of people I never knew existed before.

With that said, I hope this is a dog loving topic that I never need to broach with a stranger or most definitely not someone I know –

The Snuggie for Dogs.

When I passed by this at Bed, Bath & Beyond I did a double take thinking it must be a joke. Now I won’t lie, I do own three sweaters for my pup but not for reasons of vanity but rather for his health. Both breeds, the French bulldog and the Boston Terrier mix are extremely sensitive to temperatures so come below freezing days, we are prepared. And, I will admit further, I dressed up my puppy for Halloween. He was an adorable Bumble Bee. So I am guilty to some extent to being slightly ridiculous. However, the “Snuggie for Dogs” takes dog/owner humiliation to a whole different level that left me wondering how far industries will go to market and sell just about any product!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Favorite Things -- NEW!!! (Dr. Katz Therabreath)

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Nicole Richie's Weird Baby Name Pick

And this is why Nicole Richie & Joel Madden named their second child, Sparrow James Midnight. Well, at least we get an explanation for the first name (via Twitter). James, no explanation needed. Midnight? Who Knows.

I don't get it, really. Do you?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Favorite Things-NEW!! (Chop Wizard)

The things I can't live without and the things I think YOU need to be living with! The CHOP WIZARD! Who cares how to cut an onion or peel an apple- this will do it for you!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yard Sale Success

A defining moment in my “grown up” life was hosting my first ever yard sale. I finally have a home, a yard, and a bunch of items that were no longer needed or of value to me. Biased as I may sound, I advertised my sale as “Quality Items” listing a poker table (barely used), dirt devil cone (bridal shower gift), Louie Vuitton handbag (fake of course, but still with the tags!), picture frames (still in the box), jewelry (that was no longer sentimental), comforter sets, bathroom sets, towels, DVDs, sporting equipment – you name it, we had it and were ready to give it away for cheap!

I started the yard sell playing hard nose, negotiating little from the price displayed on the yellow tags I stuck to every single item displayed. How could you think that my foot massager that heats up is worth less than $15?!! And my Nike sneakers, $2? Get off my lawn!

But after my first sale all my “quality items” became negotiable as I quickly realized receiving $2 for my use-to-be-favorite-shirt was better then having to find dresser drawer space for it again. My town home driveway seemed like a cruise line’s first foreign port where visitors and locals barter prices until both felt like winners! By early afternoon I was pulling items out of my drawers and closets that were never intended for sale but were needed to simply to fill up the vacant table space outside (and make a couple of extra bucks)!

6 hours later and $350 richer, the remnants of the yard sale were packed in black bags destined for Goodwill. By my measure, my first yard sale was a success!

Yard Sale Tips:

Be set up by 7 am - people were on our door step by 6:55 am!

Advertise on - it is free and people check here to get addresses and plan their yard sale itinerary for the day!

Convince a neighbor or two to have a yard sale the same day - this produces more traffic to your area.

Price all your items so less questions are asked.

Be reasonable when pricing your items. People do not come to yard sales to spend $20, $30 or $40 dollars on something - that is what craigslist and ebay are for!

Have a watchful eye! Unfortunately I had a nice watch for sale swiped from my table when not looking for a quick minute. Keep more valuable items closer to where you are standing.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Favorite Things - NEW!! (Mascara)

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